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BarNet offers a free telephone conferencing facility, for people inside and outside BarNet.

To create a conference, users simply dial in to the BarNet conference centre and then use a touch tone phone to select their conference and enter a PIN number.

TeleConfer takes advantage of BarNet's extensive VoIP network. There is no additional charge to use BarNet's TeleConfer service.

  1. Dial 02 9335 3697. This is a free call from any BarNet telephony-connected chambers, or a local call from numbers starting with 02 8xxx xxxx and 02 9xxx xxx. Internet users can call via their SIP phone.
  2. Enter your conference number. This can be *any* 4 to 8 digit code. If you are the host, select this number. All other callers must use the same conference number. After that, press the # (also known as the 'pound key')
  3. Enter a 'PIN' number. This can be *any* 3 to 8 digit code. If you are the host, select this number and press # to confirm. You will need to enter this pin a second time and confirm it with the # key. All other callers must use the same PIN number. If you don't want to have a PIN number, just press the #.
  4. There will be a beep to announce your arrival, as you enter the conference.
  5. If you are the first to arrive, you will hear hold music until one other person dials in.

BarNet users can schedule conferences and can invite other people for scheduled conferences. Recordings of these conferences can be downloaded afterwards.

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