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You can take advantage of the cheap call-rates available by BarNet by using the callback service. For example you can pay up to a dollar per minute if you are with the wrong provider on the wrong plan, while we charge only a part of that.

So what does get charged? Not the call from your phone to the callback service, that one is for free. If your Caller-ID is recognized, you will be called back. If if isn't recognized, you will get told and should get in contact with BarNet Support to add the number to your BarNet Account.

Your phone will be called back (this part is charged to you) and you will be asked to enter the 10 digit number you want to call and we will (this part is charged to you). So instead of paying one very expensive call, you pay for two cheap calls.

The phone number of this service is 02 9335 3699.

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